April 3 2017: Baccalaureate Celebration

Praise be unto our Almighty God for another amazing and wonderful school year of Destiny Training Center.

Ending up this school year 2016-2017,DTC held its 9th Baccalareaute Celebration on April 3, 2017, 2pm @ MLFI Silway church. Followed by the next day, the 9th Commencement Exercises at MLFI City Hiegths Gensan City, 2pm.

During the Baccalaureate Celebration, DTC we’re blessed to have our School Director and our beloved bishop - Bishop Felipe “Ping” Alba as our guest speaker with her lovely wife Ma’am Nida Alba. Also with them are our early bird delegates for the International Convetion from Luzon with our Board of Trustees in our organization. 

“I couldn’t see any reason for you to quit in the ministry!” was the powerful phrase that our School Director Bishop Ping Alba had emphasized especially addressed to our 9 graduates.Thus indeed, this phrase connects to this batch name- BATCH OVERCOMERS! F.O.C.U.S was the word he assocciated with this phrase to challenge our graduates and everybody in the room. He shared that this was the only reason and his secret why he has keep enjoying serving the Lord.

Words of gratitude from the graduates filled the atmoshpere during this celebration. The graduates also were priviliged and blessed to hear words of encouragements and wisdom from our selected pastors namely: Ptr. Joel Cabralda, Ptr Fernando Malayo, Ptr Noel Deng and Ptr Dadero.

All glory belongs to God!